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The Input "NavyBlue" detected as "CSS3 color name".

Data for the color
websafe No  
CSS3 Color names
  • NavyBlue
  • navy
HTML 4.01 Color name
  • Navy
Hex #000080
RGB rgb(0,0,128)
RGB in % rgb(0%,0%,50%)
CMY in % C=100
CMYK in % C=100
HSL hsl(240,100%,25%)
HSV hsv(240,100%,50%)
Rec. 601 luma 14.592
Rec. 709 luma 9.2416
Rec. 2020 luma 7.5904
Grey scale (Rec. 601 luma) #0f0f0f  
Grey scale (Rec. 709 luma) #090909  
Grey scale (Rec. 2020 luma) #080808  
Complementary color #ffff7f  
Decimal 8388608

Show the nearest websafe color data.

The following inputs are converted automatically:

X11 Color names
example: DodgerBlue4

#rrggbb; rrggbb; #rgb; rgb
(HEX to RGB bzw. HEX2RGB)
example: #4169E1

rgb(r,g,b); r,g,b; rgb(r%,g%,b%); r%,g%,b%
(RGB to HEX bzw. RGB2HEX)
example: 106,90,205

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